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Patient Stories & Testimonials




Brain M.

"When I came to Kalani Chiropractic I had horrible headaches. They got so bad I went for an MRI, which showed nothing wrong. After a simple x-ray Dr. Kalani and Dr. Dave explained to me the problems was caused by multiple subluxations in my spine. They put me on their most intensive schedule. I am happy to report that my headaches have subsided, and my spine is staying in place. I have been coming here for 1 year. Now I play golf, surf, and have many fewer illnesses in the past year, than in many recent years. Thanks to the Team at Kalani Chiropractic"

Aimee B.

"I came to Kalani Chiropractic because of shooting pain in my hip. I felt relief after only a few adjustments but soon realized my overall health would be greatly improved with long term chiropractic care. Along with a healthier diet, regular exercise, dietary supplements, drinking more water, mirror image exercises, and better attention to my posture, Kalani Chiropractic Care has put me on the road to long term good health. The friendly staff and wonderful care I receive here have become very inspirational to me as I seek to remain in good health. In addition to this I have had relief from headaches, seasonal sinus problems, better mood and cognitive function- an all around better life!"

Todd P.

"I came to Kalani Chiropractic after a motorcycle accident. I have also suffered from back pain since I was a teenager. After a year of treatment I am not only pleased with the results from the adjustments, but also the entire Kalani staff and everything Kalani Chiropractic does to promote health and wellness. From the workout classes and massages to nutrition classes, it has all been very helpful! Thanks!"

Maria L.

"I have gone to other chiropractors but never on a regular basis. I do feel better but I have seen changes in my oldest child. She used to have headaches two to three times a month; we would to take her to her pediatrician but no avail. Her father and I thought, unfortunately, that she was just going to be one of those people who are prone to having headaches. She started coming to Kalani Chiropractic and she no longer gets headaches, we saw the results immediately with her. In the 4-5 months that she’s received care, she has only had one headache! It works!"

Keri D.

"I have been coming to see Dr. Kalani for a little over a year now, I have never felt better, I stand on my feet all day for work and my back and legs would always be sore. I never have pain in my back or hips anymore. Thank you Dr. Kalani."

Graciela Y.

"Before I started coming to Dr. Kalani’s I was having problems with sleeping, poor digestion and migraine headaches. My daughter started coming to Dr. Kalani and recommended that I get checked out. Once I got my test and x-ray results, they explained to me why I was feeling this way. I knew that I had to get care for my health and well being. I noticed after my first adjustment that I was able to sleep better and hardly got headaches anymore. If I did start getting my headaches or my nerves were hurting in my neck, all I had to do was mention it to the doctors. After my adjustment they would fix me up. I am very happy with my decision for a healthier life. The doctors and staff make my family and I feel very welcomed. Thanks for the great job you are doing to keep me healthy!"

Debbie P.

"After having two children in the last four years (both c-sections), my body was really out of whack! Kat had been telling me to get in since her daughter, Nadiyah was in my sixth grade class and then my mom started coming in after meeting Savita. There were too many signs and too many connections to ignore, plus my body was screaming for help! There is no doubt that Dr. Kalani can make things move like no other. He gives extra attention and care when it is needed. Everyone that works here greets everyone by name and with a smile. My body is definitely on the road to recovery. With all of the attention given to the healing of the body, there is also always something for the soul. A smile a hug at the end of an adjustment. Sometimes, that feels just as good."

Brenda W.

"This year I have had the best health I can remember for years. I suffered from neck pain and limped from a car accident. I favored my left side which had tweaked my back. I carried most of my weight on my right side and my legs were asymmetrical. Since starting my chiropractic treatment, I have noticed my weight is more evenly distributed and my legs especially my calves are more the same size. My lower back pain has diminished and I have no tingling in my hands. I rarely suffer neck or shoulder pain (only when I miss appointments!) and I carry my head higher. Life is much better!"

Christina G.

"I’ve suffered from low back pain that I have had since the birth of my second child and also have insomnia. When I started receiving my adjustments I started feeling a difference by the third visit. I can now do some things that I couldn’t do for years due to the pain I was in! Now, I rarely get colds, get deep in sleep and my energy is increased! Thanks you so much Dr. Kalani for all of the love and for helping me and my family. Also, I want to thank your wonderful staff for their beautiful smiles and the love that they express to us. Thanks for making us feel like part of your family."

Brook S.

"My story starts when I was in a car wreck and broke my neck which left me paralyzed and bed ridden for 3 months. With therapy and surgery I regained some feeling but was still wheelchair ridden. With God’s help I pressed myself to learn to walk, but was in such constant pain. I couldn’t see living with such pain any longer. I just wanted to die. I was praying for help, calling out to God, when I heard Dr. Kalani’s commercial on KDAR. I made the appointment and with prayer, Dr. Kalani agreed to help me. I’ve been coming for 5 months now and am walking without a walker, cane, or any help and with virtually no pain. Praise God and God bless Dr. Kalani and his wonderful staff."

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