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What Is a Medically Supervised Weight-Loss Program and How Is It Different?

Medically supervised weight loss program

Most everyone understands the benefits of losing weight and then maintaining a health bodyweight:

Understanding weight loss is not hard. What’s hard is actually implementing the changes that lead to these benefits. For some people, establishing healthy habits is easy. But for others, making those changes proves difficult and often impossible without the right support.

For those who struggle to lose weight on their own, a medically supervised weight-loss program may be the solution that finally works. The difference between a clinical weight loss program and one you can purchase from anywhere on the internet is twofold: A clinical weight loss program is developed by physicians and other clinical health professionals, and it includes in-person check-ins and guidance, unlike some online programs.

The scary truth is that more than 75 percent of Americans are overweight, and more than 30 percent are obese. Overweight and obesity lead to serious health complications, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, cognitive disorders, and even death. People spend millions of dollars each year on weight-related health conditions like these. Obesity leads to absenteeism at work, reduced productivity, mood disorders and more.

The problem with weight loss is that it’s difficult. Really — it’s hard to change habits you’ve had your entire life. And let’s face it: Food is delicious, and exercise is hard. But with the right guidance, you can overcome unhealthy habits and shift your mindset to one that loves nutritious foods and exercise. It is possible!

A weight loss program that works encompasses a few key components:


Accountability is the number-one component of successful weight loss. If you try to lose weight on your own, well, you’re on your own. No one is there to make sure you stay on track, eat your vegetables, and get your exercise. But with a medically supervised program, you have a dedicated provider who is with you every step of the way.

Scientifically Proven Systems

There are millions of weight-loss programs to choose from on the web. Many are valid and do work, but many do not. The hard part about purchasing a weight-loss program online is that you’re not sure if it will really work or not. With a clinical weight-loss program, your provider will speak with you during a consultation until you truly understand the science behind the program.

Professional Guidance

With a clinical weight-loss program, you can rest assured that the guidance you receive is professional and proven. A nutrition specialist or other medical professional will be available to answer all of your questions.

Our Global Weight Loss Program is completely doctor-formulated and supervised — meaning you get a proven system and all the accountability you could need in one package. To learn more about weight loss with Kalani Total Health Center, contact us to book an appointment.  

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