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How to Find a Good Chiropractor | Kalani Total Health Center

Dr. Sean gives a chiropractic adjustment to a patient at Kalani Total Health Center in Oxnard, California.

What to look for in a doctor for low back pain, shoulder pain, and more

Finding a good chiropractor starts just like finding the right doctor for any health condition: Make sure you find a licensed, board-certified provider who is experienced in various chiropractic methods and is trusted by your local community.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Get referrals.

Medical referrals are one of the best ways to find a good chiropractor – or any healthcare professional, for that matter. When your primary care physician recommends you to a certain chiropractor, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Most medical professionals only refer patients to other providers they know and trust.

Your friends, family and coworkers can be of good help when it comes to finding a chiropractor, too. Ask the people you’re close to if they can give you any recommendations. It’s unlikely they’ll send you to anyone but the best chiropractor.


2. Research the chiropractor’s credentials.

After you have some names, begin your own research. Search each chiropractor you’re interested in on the Internet and review their credentials. Like mentioned previously, you’ll want to find a chiropractor who’s board-certified and licensed in the state you reside in.


3. Ask about the evaluation process.

A great chiropractor is one who conducts thorough, comprehensive evaluations on patients – no matter if they’re new patients or regulars. It’s not a good idea to get a chiropractic adjustment without first undergoing x-rays and palpations. A palpation is a physical exam done by the doctor’s hands to quickly scan for protrusions or other misalignments.

At Kalani Total Health Center, all of our patients undergo complete spinal x-rays and palpations before their first adjustment. At a follow-up appointment, our doctors sit down with patients for a thorough report of findings, during which they discuss the patient’s current state of health and recommend a treatment plan.


4. Review patient satisfaction surveys and reviews.

Patient reviews are a fantastic indicator of how good any healthcare provider is. When searching for a chiropractor, look for an average rating of four stars or more — and make sure there are more than just a couple reviews.

Patient surveys generally ask for feedback on things like cleanliness, professionalism, effectiveness of care, and office staff friendliness. These are all things you’ll want to consider when looking for a good chiropractor.


5. Research clinic or hospital reviews.

The environment of the office you’ll go to is just as important as the actual care you receive. It doesn’t matter how great a chiropractor is if the office staff is unpleasant or the wait times are unacceptable. Read about our no-wait policy.


6. Know what your insurance covers.

Understanding your insurance is a practical matter. Though more and more chiropractic offices are accepting wider ranges of insurance plans these days, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what will be paid for (and what won’t).

Some chiropractic clinics, like Kalani Total Health Center, are willing to set up individualized payment plans and even offer discounted services for patients whose insurance doesn’t cover the care they need.

A good chiropractor is like a good friend – always there to pick you up when you need a hand. Call us today and learn why chiropractic medicine is your key to feeling better. (805) 604-0881

Amanda Capritto

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