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Cold Laser Therapy: Benefits and Uses

Laser therapy is most commonly called cold laser or low-level laser.  That’s because the light it emits usually doesn’t heat up the skin.  What the laser does is concentrate and magnifies the energy from the invisible spectrum of light.  These photons of light have the ability to go up to 2 inches beneath the skins surface.  This delivers energy into the damaged cells and enhances the repair and healing process.

The benefits of laser therapy begins at the time of treatment.  Most patients have noticeable changes within a few hours.  The effects are not temporary, they are cumulative over time.  The more treatments you get, the stronger and more permanent the effect will be.

Laser therapy is helpful in many ways, including: 

The usual treatment session last between 5-20 minutes per area.  Depending on your condition, the course of treatment is between 8-15 sessions, in most cases.  Remember, laser therapy produces a healing effect in the cells and structures of the body, so in many cases the problem is resolved.

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